Look into the Kalaidescope!

You Tube has many videos with lovely kalaidescopic views:  “Liquid Indigo” by Herb Ernst, and “Oasis” by Kitaro are two of my favorites, but there are many more.   I’d put the vids here, but I’m still learning how to add things like videos and music, and don’t know how–yet. I’ll post them once I figure out how.  The music on both are amazing, too.  Treat yourself to some relaxation, and share your kalaidescope faves with me on the comment page.

A more primitive black and white kalaidescope video (also on You Tube) which Ernie Kovacks created was way ahead of his time!  What an unexpected pioneer!  The world is such an unexpected and marvelous place.  God surely must have touched the one who invented the kalaidescope, as He did Mr. Kovacks. Kalaidescopes also represent “the Great Dance,” from C. S. Lewis’ Perelandra in visual form.  Another reason to love them.


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